"Introduction of a company management system"

Project title:

Introduction of a company management system

Project description:

Thanks to the HUF 16,716,960 non-refundable grant awarded in the Széchenyi 2020 "Corporate complex info-communication and mobile developments, support for the distribution of cloud-based online business services" tender, all important economic events at the company can be comprehensively managed with the help of the introduced modules, and the development serves efficient work in the future . After the introduction of the corporate governance system, the administrative processes of our company become more transparent. This directly promotes the more efficient operation of our company and indirectly increases our competitiveness, which contributes to our long-term sustainability.

Beneficiary name:

Naturtrade Hungary Trade and Service Limited Liability Company

Implementation locations:

Szeged, Szabadsajtó utca 54.

Amount of support:

16.716.960 Ft

Support intensity:


Beneficiary contact information:

Headquarters: 1108 Budapest, Gyömrői út 140.  
Tel.: 06/30 211 60 40


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Execution time:

2018.12.12. – 2020.09.28.