Tender 2020-1.1.2-PIACI-KFI-2020-00118


Our goal is to develop sorghum/millet-based "dairy products" that do not cause allergic reactions or intolerances, and can also be included in vegan nutrition. Making the developed products functional vitamins, minerals, e.g. selenium, etc. dosage, as well as bioactive added sheet materials that contain vitamins in a natural (non-natural or artificial) form. In this way, they enable easier absorption, as the body identifies with them more easily, so even a smaller amount taken in reaches the recommended daily intake. The food created in this way can be called health-protecting, since it will contain nutrients in the right quantity, quality and proportion for vital functions. We want to develop plant-based products that will contain useful nutrients for the human body (carbohydrates, dietary fibers, proteins, fatty acids (mainly essential), vitamins, minerals (microelements) and even alkaloids, which have special effects).
Dairy products play an important role in the functioning of a healthy body due to the proteins, fats, sugars and vitamin (vitamin D, vitamin B12) and mineral (calcium) content they contain. However, you should know that it causes allergic reactions in some individuals, and this is one of the most common forms of food intolerance. We chose sorghum/millet because it is gluten-free, so patients with celiac disease can consume it without any problems. The phenolic content of sorghum/millet is significant, and it is also a significant source of fiber and minerals. The composition and field of use of sorghum/millet is similar to that of corn: starch, glucose, syrup and oil are made from it, and it is also widely used for the production of whole grain products, bread, pancakes, dumplings, porridge, cakes, pasta and beer, in addition to making brooms and also used as fodder. The protein content of sorghum/millet is 8-12%, the total dietary fiber content is 21%, and the insoluble dietary fiber content is also significant (19.59%). These useful substances also appear in the products. The products to be developed try to satisfy a wide spectrum of nutritional needs, and they also offer a solution to the problem of various food sensitivities affecting an increasingly wide range of the population, the functional foods. The functional transformation is created by adding various vitamins (B12), minerals and trace elements. Among these, enrichment with organic selenium will be particularly emphasized. The most important role of selenium is its antioxidant properties, and it has been proven to help reduce the risk of developing cancer (in certain quantities). In addition, in the case of many types of tumors, it has been proven that selenium inhibits the formation and is a protective tool for healthy cells. In the case of added vitamins, the amount of added vitamins must be set so that, based on the average daily Hungarian milk consumption, it can be included in the diet, i.e. the goal is also to find everyday consumption, which is greatly helped by the previously defined existing flavors.
For this, we need to develop a special, unique technology (combined heat treatment, etc.) that maintains the useful content parameters of the main raw material, sorghum/millet. By production technology, we understand the determination and adjustment of the operation of existing machines and equipment, their standardization, repeatability, and the establishment of continuous production. In summary, our goal is to develop new plant-based, sorghum/millet-based "dairy products" in response to the ever-increasing demand for functional foods free of allergens and animal ingredients.
Within the framework of the project, our goal is to rethink the functionality of the vegetable, sorghum/millet-based "milk products" currently on the market, as well as to develop the production technology of these products, in response to the ever-increasing demand for functional foods free of allergenic and animal ingredients. The product can already be found on the market, but with development, our dairy products can become biologically valuable products of nutrition, as they also contain carbohydrates, plant proteins (amino acids), vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The aim is that after the completion of the project, as a result of the development, the products will be available not only to the entire Hungarian population, but also to many European countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Austria, Germany, Poland, etc.), serving the healthy, health-preserving among those looking for quality food and products. Long-term goal: After the development, the products would be equipped with their own brand, and the company constantly tries to adapt to the current market trends and needs by continuously expanding its assortment and flexible design (while keeping the prices at a really favorable and competitive level). It also intends to widen the range of its foreign import products and their distribution with the developed products. In addition to these parameters and the current proactive operation, the company is sufficiently competitive, which also serves as the source of the growth of Hungarian economic development.
Project duration: 01.01.2021-31.12.2023.
Project budget: HUF 319,000,000
Grant awarded: HUF 199,375,000
Project implementer: Naturtrade Hungary Trading and Service Limited Liability Company