Oosty növényi alap mix

Oosty plant base mixture

It's delicious and free

With Oosty, making plant blocks is child's play!

All you need is vegetable oil, a little water, a stick blender and the Oosty mix.

Gouda or Cheddar

It goes great with any food!

The vegan blocks made from Oosty vegetable base mix go well with cheese dishes, sandwiches, savory delicacies, pizzas or whatever you want. You can mix it in as little as 5 minutes, after which only 48 hours* of rest will separate you from tasting a heavenly vegetable block.

But believe me, every moment spent waiting will be worth it!

*You can consume the vegetable block even after 24 hours, but it takes 48 hours to reach the right consistency!

Flavor it to your liking

Vary the spices to your liking, chili, pepper or pink pepper?

Do you prefer the Mediterranean flavor? Don't hesitate to experiment.

Vegetable oils

In addition to coconut oil, other vegetable oils can also be used for preparation.


Like our other products, Oosty vegetable mixes do not contain gluten.

Questions that arise

The basic recipe calls for coconut oil, but it works with most vegetable oils as well. 

Nah! In addition to water, it can also be prepared with a herbal drink. This can affect the weight and texture of the finished product, but the end result will be tastier.

Whatever you want, of course.

The finished product must be consumed within 3 days of opening the covered form.

Yes :D, it doesn't crumble when grating, but can be grated nicely, just as it can be sliced ​​easily.

A total of 1 kg of finished product can be made from one bag, but it is not necessary to make it all at once. We can vary this according to how much we need. We divided it into 4 x 250 grams, so the preparation is much easier.